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Homeland of Pizzoccheri

and much more!


A type of tagliatelle made of buckwheat flour cooked with Savoy cabbage, potatoes and cheese


Since Teglio is the homeland of pizzocheri, the authentic recipe cannot be missed. Try to make them and enjoy! 


400 g buckwheat flour, 100 g plain/all-purpose flour, 200 g buttermilk (unsalted), 250 g "Valtellina Casera" cheese, 150 g Parmigiano Reggiano, 250 g Savoy cabbage, 250 g potatoes, garlic cloves and sage.


Combine the two types of flour, add the water and knead for about five minutes. With a rolling pin, roll the dough to two/three mm thick and cut 7-8 cm wide bands. Overlap the strips and cut so that the noodles are a maximum 1 cm in width. Cut the Savoy cabbage into small pieces and dice the potatoes and cook together in boiled salt water for 5 minutes, then add the pizzocheri. Potatoes are always needed while the cabbage can be replaced with the chard or French beans according to the season. Cook for ten minutes then take out the pizzocheri with a perforated spoon and drain. Pour a portion into a baking pan, sprinkle with grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and shaved Casera cheese and continue alternating pizzocheri and cheese. Fry the buttermilk with garlic and sage until they turn golden brown and pour on top of pizzocheri. Serve the Pizzoccheri immediately without stirring and sprinkle some pepper on them.




Teglio is not only the homeland of pizzocheri, here you can taste many other specialties from Valtellina, such as "sciat".

Here's the recipe.


300 g buckwheat flour, 100 g plain/all-purpose flour, 300 g "Valtellina Casera" cheese, a small glass of Grappa, salt, and oil for frying


Combine thetwo types of flour into a bowl and add the Grappa, salt and water to get a smooth batter. Dice the cheese in cubes of about 1.5 cm and mix them into the batter. With a spoon pick up each cheese cube adequately covered in batter one at a time and drop quickly into hot oil until they turn golden brown. Serve them with finely chopped chicory.




In addition to these two dishes that are the most important in the Valtellina cuisine, food lovers will enjoy many more delicacies such as "mausc" (mashed potatoes, French beans and cheese, served with "Bresaola"), deer stew, "polenta" (cornmeal boiled into a porridge and eaten either directly or baked, fried or grilled). Furthermore there is the famous "Bresaola" (air-dried, salted beef with a sweet, dried-out smell) and many others types of salami as well as excellent cheeses among which is the well-known Bitto. Last but not least are the renowned wines of Valtellina such as Inferno, Sassella, Grumello, Sfurzat and bitter liquors such as Braulio.


Come and taste our delicious food in the homeland of Pizzoccheri!


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