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About us

This B&B is named after the "Taralin Family". Taralin was our great grandfather's nickname and you will learn more about us on this page.

First of all, do you know what a "taralin" is?

In our dialect "Taral" is the wooden spoon used to stir cornmeal mush on the fireplace constantly and with patience in order to make it delicious! This is our family name, Valtellinese DOC!

Ronzio Family or Taralin Family


On the left you can  find a gallery of photos starting with our historical great grandparents that years ago bought the house where you can have a relaxing time enjoying the beauty offered by our land. Than you can find photos of all of us, have a look and find out what we like to do!


House Specialities


In their spare time the Taralin family love to do many things taking advantage of the oppotunities that our mountains offer in every season.

Starting with the wine produced by Aurelio who follows and oversees every step of the wine-making process, from the grapevine to the table.

There are the delicious jams made from berries collected on site or juices made ​​from seasonal fruits by Lucia. You ca also find salami, fruits and vegetables from our field .. and so much more!


Come and discover our specialities!

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