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Visit  Wine Cellar

Why not to take advantage of your stay visiting the wine cellars where the famous wines of Valtellina are produced?

Many wine cellars are open all year round, excluding public holidays, but you need to book in advance: if you don't want to miss this oppurtunity please inform us a few days before your arrival.

Cantine Nino Negri


One of the most renowned wineries in Valtellina, produces "elegant wines whose character is impressed with a name that symbolises the oenological renaissance of these lands." The underground cellar is located in the fifteenth Quadrio Castle, seat of the Company and is one of the oldest in the Valtellina among those still visible: an experience not to be missed!


Chiuro Via Ghibellini, 3 
T 0342 485211
F 0342 482235

Tenuta La Gatta


The estate is situated in a Dominican monastery of the ' 500, for years the residence of the noble family Gatti, since 1969 belongs to the family Triacca that has transformed into a Mecca for lovers of Valtellina wines. The estate, located in the middle of vineyards, is wonderful and the visit also offers a chance to walk between rows of grapes enjoying an excellent view of the Valtellina.


Via Gatta 33
I - 23030 Bianzone (SO)

T +39 0342 72 00 04

Contadi Gasparotto
Not only a winery but also a restaurant serving homemade food, including the excellent wine (but also local beer for beer lovers).
It offers a tasting menu at 15€, with typical local dishes.
Via Santa Maria 21, 
23037, Tirano, Italia
+39 347 709 8205
Cantine Fay

Here you can visit the new and ancient wine cellars and enjoiying a walk in the wineyard while tasting house wines caracterized by a strong and distinct personality.


Via Pila Caselli, 1
23036 San Giacomo di Teglio (Sondrio) - Italia
Telefono: +39 0342 786071
Fax: +39 0342 786058 -

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